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SOLUTION: Premiere Pro CC Corrupted Conformed Audio

So this crazy thing happened while I was editing an interview on Premiere Pro CC 2014. The audio just kept looping. At first I thought it was just a problematic playback but upon checking the waveforms, this is what it showed.

Premiere Corrupted Conformed Audio
Premiere Corrupted Conformed Audio

The sequence was edited on another workstation on a PC. It was reconnected again in this current workstation on a Mac. So the audio files had to be re-conformed. So obviously there’s some corruption going on when conforming this clip.

DELETE the corrupted conformed audio files.

Finder > Go > Go to Folder…
Enter “~Library” as it’s hidden in the new Mac OS
Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Media Cache Files/ Delete the corrupted .CFA and .PEK files

Mattina Zheng
Mattina Zheng

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