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SOLUTION: Premiere Pro CC Audio not playing

I was working on a PC with footage off the server in a company, but then I had to move to another editing suite to work on the same project. It was a Mac editing suite and the tech dept just updated the Premiere Pro CC 2014 to version 8.1 Caravan, so it matches the version on the PC.

I loaded the work file on the Mac that I was previously working on the PC. When I playback my assembled sequence, there was no sound and no waveforms showing. The thing is, the introduction sting’s music can still play, just that the main interview .MTS file’s audio is not playing. So I googled about and I can’t really find any answers. I noticed that the audio was not conforming. So I googled on how to conform audio in Premiere Pro CC and there weren’t any constructive answers and just a lot of people having such issues too. The sites just mentioned that Premiere Pro CC will automatically conform audio.

So, if I want Premiere Pro to “automatically” conform audio, I offline all my files in the sequence, and then link them back again with “Link Media”, and it works! Damn you Premiere Pro CC bug.

Mattina Zheng
Mattina Zheng

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