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SOLUTION: Link or Import Media on Network drive in Premiere Pro CC 2015

PROBLEM: Network drive undetected from Media Browser in Premiere Pro CC 2015

SOLUTION:?Map the network drive to your computer and then Premiere Pro CC will detect it under network drive at the Media Browser panel.

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Let’s just say that you are editing in a setting where you need access to network servers like this shown in the panel on the left:

and when you open Premiere Pro CC 2015, and want to import footage or reconnect with the Media Browser panel, under Network Drives, the servers just don’t show up!
1. Go to Windows Explorer, Right click on Computer > Map Network Drive:
Map Network Drives Premiere CC 03
2. Click on “Browse” and select the server that you need footage from, Click “Finish”:
Map Network Drives Premiere CC 04
As a result, the network drive appears at the Network drive section in Premiere Pro CC!
Map Network Drives Premiere CC 05You will be able to browse footage from the network drive directly from the Media Browser. Hope this helps!
Mattina Zheng
Mattina Zheng

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