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Webdings and Wingdings Font Chart

I found this infographic by This is a really useful chart when using Webdings and Wingding for creating simple icons, graphics and banners. Text-based and low file size.

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Adobe Illustrator: Drawing Symmetrical Shapes

Note to self: Draw first half, select path with (V) and then press (O), hold on (Alt) and click, that will be the reflection point. Select horizontal/vertical and then click on “copy”. Select the 2 paths now and then join them with (Ctrl + J)

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Resizing Multiple App Icons in Photoshop

I’ve been designing iOS 7 app icons and they require so many sizes, with 1024x1024px as the largest size. So to prevent any quality loss, when I did it for the first time, I resized from the largest dimension to the smallest icon dimension, which is 29x29px. I’m fine with resizing them one by one at the “Save for Web” …

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Elements to Consider when Designing a Logo

I was working on a logo design at work and I tried to recall from school some ten years ago on what makes a good logo. Here are some elements to consider: 1. When logo is shrunk to a tiny size, is it still recognizable? 2. When in greyscale, can the logo and the colours in it still be distinguishable? …

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