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Mattina Zheng

My name's Mattina.
I'm a Video Editor.

I’ve been editing for the last 10 years. I specialise in fast turnaround short 3 to 5-minute videos. In my previous job, I’ve successfully implemented a post-production workflow that saved the company around 60% in software costs.

My strength is my ability to understand what the audience want and quickly craft my edit with a cohesive narrative around it with the available footage. I also have the eye to create aesthetically pleasing results.

I’m looking to work with people that has accountability, a sense of ownership in their work, appreciates great quality work and wants to be better.


How working with me is like

Willie Lee, Managing Director at Big 3 Media

Mattina is a talented, creative, fun, reliable employee and a great friend. As a Post Production Supervisor, she is responsible for overseeing all aspects of post-production processes, SOPs and the management of the post-production team. She is also a good leader, leading and inspiring her team effectively in delivering quality work to her clients. When the going gets tough, Mattina does not shy away from problems but instead, displays formidable skills in problem solving and communication, ensuring that information is clearly communicated to her team, issues are quickly rectified and projects are completed in a timely fashion.

I have personally worked alongside Mattina in a number of projects and have always had enjoyable experiences. I have no doubt that wherever Mattina plants her feet, she will not only be a great asset to any company but also a great friend to those around her.

March 12, 2020, Willie managed Mattina directly

Mark Song, Colourist at Mocha Chai Laboratories

Mattina’s industriousness and attention to detail suits her position as Head Editor. Apart from organising post production meetings, managing server access and setting workflow and quality standards for the post production team, Mattina is also a working editor who displays a natural flair for narrative editing. I was impressed by her work on Dear DJ, a 10-part television series on which she also had to train her assistant and take up the post production supervisory role.

As a fellow editor, I earnestly vouch for her commitment to both her role and craft.

February 7, 2018, Mattina was senior to Mark but didn’t manage directly