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SOLUTION: Premiere Pro CC Corupted Conformed Audio

So this crazy thing happened while I was editing an interview on Premiere Pro CC 2014.The audio just keeps looping. At first I thought it was just problematic playback but upon checking the waveforms, this is what it showed.

Premiere Corrupted Conformed Audio
Premiere Corrupted Conformed Audio

The sequence was edited on another workstation on a PC. It was reconnected again in this current workstation on a Mac. So the audio files had to be re-conformed. So obviously there’s some corruption going on when conforming this clip.

DELETE the corrupted conformed audio files.

Finder > Go > Go to Folder…
Enter “~Library” as it’s hidden in the new Mac OS
Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Media Cache Files/ Delete the corrupted .CFA and .PEK files

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